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If you invest in real estate, then you look at things differently. Where one person sees a house, you see a leveraged asset with long-term cash flow potential. Where another sees an apartment building, you see a business opportunity.

Since you see the world differently, there are several things uniquely important to you. Things like ROI, IRR and MIRR, otherwise known as “things that leave most Salt Lake City property managers scratching their heads” Not us, we are investors ourselves and think exactly like you do. To us, rental properties are like any other business where revenue is to be maximized and expenses are to be rigorously managed.

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that all property managers are not created equally. Some are bad, most are average and just a few are exceptional. We like to think of ourselves as the latter.

Let us increase your ROI by managing your apartment building or single family portfolio.


At Creative Property Preservation, we believe that strategic planning is the first step toward success. That’s why property objectives, strategies and tactics are outlined for all multifamily and portfolio clients for every thing from deferred maintenance to resident retention. This way, we can be held accountable for your goals.


We go beyond just leasing and management for your investments. We can oversee remodeling projects, participate in property budgeting, and even assist when it’s time to sell.


When you own multiple properties, the performance of each becomes less important that the performance of the entire portfolio. With our powerful accounting features, you will know exactly how your rentals are performing both on the property level and as a portfolio.

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